2012 yılının en komik hayvan fotoğrafları

2012-12-29 22:38:00
2012 yılının en komik hayvan fotoğrafları |  görsel 1


Best of mates: This lazy hound dog was in a need of a little snooze and he found the perfect spot to snuggle up on his buddy's back


This man appears quite calm about having a pair of manic monkeys on his shoulder, the monkeys however are not so relaxed


Hair of the dog: A backcombed bouffant was the must-have style for this pampered pooch


It takes all sorts: As this rather unusual picture proves. We're not quite sure what's going on with the doll, or the Christmas jumpers for that matter


Camera shy: This rather plump cat does not appear particularly pleased about having its picture taken


Pizza the action: A cheeky squirrel enjoys his peperoni treat


A playful pup gets to grip with pole dancing




Long arm of the paw: A playful pooch pops out of its owners jumper in what looks like an horrific science experiment gone wrong


Seductive eyes: A touch of mascara really brought out the best in this cheerful chap with a pair of hilarious drawn-on brows


Fluffy friend: This long-haired kitten might appear a little stuck-up but its little owner loves it all the same


A little squiffy: It must have been a heavy night for this lightweight Chihuahua but at least its got a friend to nurse it through the morning


Goats are not your normal household pets and, judging by the behaviour of this example, for good reason


This horse looks delighted at finally having found the perfect pair of blue jeans


Dozing off: This pooch looks like its struggling to stay awake

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