Foxların dünyası

2013-01-08 18:34:00
Foxların dünyası |  görsel 1


Smile for the camera: A seal attempts to take a bite out of a wildlife photographer's camera in the waters off Farne Islands, Northumberland


No pictures please! At first sight, the animal appears to be far from friendly as its shows off a set of terrifying teeth


Say cheese: The scary-looking seal bears its sharp teeth as it snarls at the camera during a hairy introduction with an underwater visitor


Poser: The marine mammal puts away its teeth and shows a more gentle side when it swims up to the lens and peers into the glass


Under the sea: Wildlife photographer Alan Hanlon has been taking pictures of the Farne Islands rookery of seals for the last 10 years


Frolicking: The adorable seals touch noses as they play among the seaweed while photographer Alan Hanlon watches on


Intrigued: This wide-eyed seal was keen to find out more about its human visitor and swam up for a closer look


'Magical': Alan Hanlon spent two days swimming with the friendly seals and taking pictures of his sea hosts during his latest visit to Farne Islands


Amazing experience: 'These seals not only come close and observe you, but actually play and have as much fun as the divers do'

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