Hathaway Bu Sefer Gölgede Kaldı!

2013-01-05 13:13:00
Hathaway Bu Sefer Gölgede Kaldı! |  görsel 1

Amanda Seyfried, filmin 5 Aralık'taki Londra galasında Balenciaga tasarımı bir elbiseyle tüm dikkatleri üzerine çekti. Filmin başrol oyuncusu Anne Hathaway'in beyaz Givenchy marka tuvaleti, Seyfried'ınkinin yanında sönük kaldı.

Amanda Seyfried, Alexander McQueen marka siyah tuvaletiyle büyüleyici görünüyordu. Anne Hathaway'in, Tom Ford tasarımı siyah tuvaletiysa bir gala için fazla gotik kaldı.

Anne Hathaway'in The Row marka siyah tuvaleti, Amanda Seyfried'ın lila mini elbisesinin yanında çok sönük kaldı. Marios Schwab tasarımı lila elbisesi, Seyfried'a çok yakışmıştı.

Anne Hathaway ve Amanda Seyfried, kıyafetlerini Prada'dan seçmiş. Ancak ikisi arasında yine daha şık görünen Seyfried oldu. 

Simply stunning: Amanda's Balenciaga dress gives the appearance of curves on the red carpet


Scoop neck: Amanda was first to appear on the red carpet in her usual gown


The glamour ladies: Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway and British actress Samantha Barks wowed on the red carpet


Catching up: Russel Crowe giggles with co-stars Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman


In demand: Anne was seen showing off her shape as she signed autographs for fans


Showing the gown in all its glory: The actress was seen showing off the sleeve detail and revealing some side boob in the process


Complementary styles: Amanda, Anne and Samantha looked lovely in their different looks as they posed up together


Supporting role: Anne showed up to support co-star Hugh with Amanda Seyfried


Dainty: This time the actress forewent any crazy footwear, like the pair of black bondage-style heels she had worn the night before for the New York premiere of her new movie, in favour of a dainty gold pair of stilettos


Promotional trail: She was appearing on the late night show to discuss her new movie Les Miserables as she continues her epic promotional trial


Flower power: Anne Hathaway made for an arresting sight in a floral dress as she arrived at the Late Show with David Letterman in New York on Monday


Just stunning: Amanda Seyfried looks gorgeous at the A Night Of Heroes: The Sun Millitary Awards 2012


Tough shoot: The cast could not hide their delight as they recalled the drastic weight loss, shaved heads, and other hardships while making the musical film

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