Hayvanlar sigara içerse

2013-01-02 12:23:00
Hayvanlar sigara içerse |  görsel 1


Filthy habit: Raju the monkey picked up smoking from his rickshaw driver owner Ramesh


Lighting up: A Puff adder called Po smokes one cigarette in the morning and one at night in Taiwan


Shelling out for a bad habit: The smoking terrapin in Yongji county, China gets through half a pack a day


Puffin away: This magpie in Poland retrieves cigarettes from the packet when offered one


Human nature: Zhora the chimp was taken out of her zoo in Russia and put into rehab because of her problems with alcohol and cigarettes


Life's a drag: Cats are among the worst affected by cigarette smoke because the carcinogens also stick to their fur


Teaching an old dog bad tricks: Treasure the cocker spaniel, who lives in Beijing, China, chases people who are smoking down the street and eats butts

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