Las Vegas'ın aslanları. VİDEO izleyin

2012-12-28 13:10:00
Las Vegasın aslanları. VİDEO izleyin |  görsel 1

ABD'nin Las Vegas kentindeki ünlü otellerden biri turistlerin ilgisini çekmek için onları yavru aslanlarla dolu bir çiftlikte ağırlıyor.

Son 11 yıldır her gün çiftlikten otele getirilen aslanlar çocuklarla oyun oynuyor.


Innocent: DJ, born in November, at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson, Nevada, where his family now live a peaceful life after leaving the MGM Grand


Babyface: The ranch is open to the public on weekends and children can also interact with the cubs on a weekday


Future king: The MGM's 360-degree lion attraction closed in January, and the animals have lived free from intrusion for almost a year


Distant memory: The opulent MGM Grand, Las Vegas, is famous for its iconic lion statues and the Lion habitat arena


Snap! Guests would get a 360-degree view of the creatures playing, sleeping and eating, in one of the hotel's most iconic gimmicks


Plenty of tails to tell: Armen, left, and his brother Rodney relax on top of their den at the Lion Habitat Ranch after spending 11 years making daily trips to the frenetic casino


Rulia Fiske of Boston holds a four-week-old lion cub named D.J.


Rock yawns




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