Milyonlarca kişiyi arındıran festival

2013-01-15 10:29:00
Milyonlarca kişiyi arındıran festival |  görsel 1

Dünyanın en üyük dini festivali olarak kabul edilen 'Kumbh Mela' başladı. Ganj nehrinde yıkanarak günahlarından arınacaklarına inanan Hindular festivalin ilk gününde nehre girebilmek için yarıştı.



Whip my hair: The holy men presented an arresting sight at the first day of the festival


Procession: A child adorned with marigolds is carried by sadhus on the way to the Sangam




Long journey: A foreign devotee joins other pilgrims in prayer at a festival which will go on for over a month


Contemplation: An Sadhu closes his eyes as he prays while bathing in the confluence of the Yamuna and Ganges rivers


For sale: Merchants displayed floral offerings for pilgrims to send into the Ganges


Taking the waters: Thousands of holy men return to camp after taking a dip in the river


Hindu devotees


Devotees: Tens of thousands of Hindus gather to watch a procession of holy men during the vast festival


Crowd: More than 110million people are expected to make their way to the city for the 55-day festival


Sights and sounds: A Sadhu blows a conch shell as other Sadhus or Hindu holy men bathe




Hindu holy me

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