National Geographic'ten ikonik fotoğraflar

2013-01-16 15:40:00
National Geographicten ikonik fotoğraflar |  görsel 1


King of the jungle: A mighty lion finds a place for a nap amid the branches of a tree in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, where the creatures are often spotted sleeping high above the ground in fig trees


Spectacular setting: Members of the first American team to reach the summit of Mount Everest are seen making their ascent through the snow in 1963


Rare creature: The spirit bear - or Kermode bear - is a variant of the North American black bear that has white fur


Landmark: In this iconic 1938 image, three figures astride camels behold the majesty of the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza, Egypt



Visible bond: Primatologist Jane Goodall and tiny chimpanzee Flint share a touching moment at Gombe Stream Reserve in Tanzania, East Africa. The fleeting scene was captured on camera in 1964


The ice maiden: The 500-year-old mummy of a young Inca girl was unearthed on Mount Ampato in Peru in 1995 by archaeologist and National Geographic explorer-in-residence Johan Reinhard


Men gathered in a bazaar in Herat, Afghanistan, in 1931


Steve McCurry's iconic image of the 'Afghan Girl'


Take-off: The National Geographic-Army Air Corps balloon, Explorer II, prepares to take to the skies over South Dakota, U.S., in 1935


A colossal stone head discovered in Tabasco, Mexico, in 1938


The magazine is celebrating its 125th anniversary

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