Uyurken ünlü oldular

2013-01-14 18:26:00
Uyurken ünlü oldular |  görsel 1


Otobüs, tren ve metroda uyuya kalan yolcuların fotoğrafları Twitter'da paylaşılıyor.

'Uyuyan Yolcular'ın 30 bin takipçisi her gün farklı kareler ekliyor.


Hairy belly






Well trained: The amusing pictures of prone passengers show people can sleep in some remarkable positions


Worn out: A resourceful napper uses his hood as a pillow while sleeping in his jacket - but unfortunately for him, his face can still be seen


Skewed view: This wrapped-up traveller allows his head to droop to an extreme angle while a stealthy photographer captures the moment - and his own reflection in the window


'Awkward': Which of these two will wake up first? Let's hope they know each other


Collapse: A transport worker tries to rouse a young man who has fallen asleep fully clothed on the ground


Cheap hotel: This hoodie-wearing train traveller makes himself comfortable in a carpeted corner, with a drink to hand in case he wakes up thirsty

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