Yetişkinliğe ilk adım

2013-01-15 13:20:00
Yetişkinliğe ilk adım |  görsel 1

20 yaşını doldurmuş gençlerin "yetişkinliğe" adım attığı kabul edilen Japonya'da bu özel yaşı kutlamak için törenler düzenleniyor.

Gençlerin geleneksel kıyafetlerini giyerek katıldığı törenler renkli görüntülere sahne oluyor.


Flower power: The girls look gorgeous in their painstakingly made pink, orange and blue ensembles


Flurry of activity: The young ladies wrap their kimonos round them and tread carefully, embroidered bags jostling with leather handbags on their arms


Moving through the seasons: The 20-year-olds process through the snow at Disneyland Tokyo as they attend the formal Coming of Age ceremony


Reflective moment: The rain and snow could not put a dampener on the high spirits of these young people


Blossoming Blossoming into adulthood: The girls laugh, chatter and text excitedly as they celebrate turning 20 at the colourful eventinto adulthood: The girls laugh, chatter and text excitedly, while dressed in beautiful, colourful kimonos


Picture perfect: The young women trudge through heavy snow in traditional costume - but their smiles stay in place


Not your average commuters: The girls look unselfconscious as they travel home on typical modes of transport after the celebration, attended by 1,200 young people


Blend is beautiful: A young woman in a rainbow-bright outfit stands talking on her phone in front of a line of vending machines - a symbol of Japan today


Red letter day: This girl goes for a different look with a scarlet parasol, defying the trend for delicate white umbrellas


Perfect poise: A soft and wistful look is more tradition for the day, honoured by Japanese people across the country


Handbags and gladrags: Others celebrated their special day at Toshimaen Amusement Park in Tokyo


Our turn now: The ancient event used to differ for boys and girls and take place when they were younger but it has existed in its present form since the 1940s


Wet day in Disneyland



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